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E.L. Nurse Consulting is dedicated to ensuring a work product that meets the needs for each individual case and client. We will work with you to find the format and work product needed to enhance your understanding of the medical events, standard of care, and delivery of health care related to the claim.

Merit Screening

Initial review of the medical records to establish whether the standard of care was breached, damages endured, and causation (when applicable). We can provide a verbal report or formal written report paired with additional resources to support the merit or lack of merit for the case. 

Fact Chronology

A detailed sequence of events in chronological order with page numbers or bates numbers for quick and easy reference. Allow us to apply our wealth of knowledge in healthcare to create a timeline that is easy to follow with all medical jargon explained in terms that are clear and concise. 

Medical Record Organization and Summary Report

Medical records can arrive out of order and in a difficult pattern to follow. We can assist you to organize the medical records, bookmark massive files, and identify missing or tampered records. E.L. Nurse Consulting can produce a narrative summary that highlights significant medical facts that directly impact your client's case. 

Policy and Research

Registered nurses are not only excellent resources in the actual medical record but with policy and procedure documents as well. We can demonstrate why policies or procedures exist and produce credible research and data to support these documents. 

Expert Procurement 

We have a large network of medical experts to fit each case. We help identify, screen, and locate the ideal expert for our clients nationwide.

Fact Witness 

A fact witness is a nurse or medical professional who explains anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, medical diagnosis, treatment course, medications, lab values, complications, and the overall events of an injury and medical care. 

Discovery, Deposition, and Trial Preparation

We can assist with the request for production of documents, interrogatories, written reports, visual aids, research, and assist with preparing questions for deposition or trial.  

IME/DME Attendance

Located in the greater Boston area we can attend independent medical exams for personal injury claims to provide support to your client, maintain integrity of exam, and provide an objective written report on summary of events. Not located in New England? No problem, allow us to reach out to our network of nurses nationwide to find the right fit for your firm. 

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