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Matthew J. Kidd, Esq.- Law Office of Matthew J. Kidd, Boston, MA

Erin Laferriere helped me with a complex medical malpractice case. She analyzed and organized a massive file of medical records and provided a logical and thorough expert opinion and report. Ms. Laferriere used her impeccable nursing experience and qualifications (MSN, RN) to help me understand the underlying medical issues in the matter. Erin is organized, diligent, timely, professional, and a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Erin Laferriere MSN, RN as a top-notch resource to call upon for assistance in medical malpractice and related matters.   

Stewart Casper- Casper & de Toledo LLC, Stamford, CT

 I located Erin Laferriere as I searched for an RN who had also worked as a nurse’s aide to provide a report about a nursing home fall of an elderly rehab patient. She took on the project and provided a prompt review and report that exceeded my expectations and comported with Connecticut’s certificate of merit statute. I was and remain very pleased with her services.

Kenneth Hoffman- Mitchell, Hoffman, & Wolfe LLC, Chicago, IL

Erin is a great resource. Her reviews are incisive and always timely.

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